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Continued coast guards’ patrol, monitoring of marine resources

On March 29, the General Department of Vietnam Sea and Islands hosted a conference to inform the outcomes of the  coordination plan  for 2016 between the former  and the Vietnam Coast Guard Command  as well as  the joint patrol, oversight and  the detection and  handling of marine pollution  in 2017.

The meeting  was attended by Lt.Gen. Nguyen Quang Dam, Commander of the Vietnam Coast Guard Command, Nguyen Thanh Minh,  Director General of the General Department of Vietnam Sea and Islands, among others.

In 2016, in pursuant to the coordination MOU  11557/QC-BQP-BTNMT, the General Department of Vietnam Sea and Islands and the Vietnam Coast Guard Command agreed to coordintate their efforts in  6 major areas  and asked theirrelevant agencies to work  out the plans,  organize  joint patrols and oversights of  marine environment, and  build legal documents to improve the management of  marine environment.

Accordingly, two inspection  teams were established to check law enforcement activities in natural resources exploitation and marine environment protection at the islands, seas and coastal provinces.


The scene of the meeting

Through the joint  inspections, both sides collected data on   local law enforcement  on marine and island environment; disseminated information on related laws, instructed organizations and individuals on ways to protect the environment,  got feedback from businesses and local authorities  to make recommendations for  relevant agencies to resolve. The General Department of Vietnam Sea and Islands acknowledged that these type of operation was neccessary and efficient to help strengthen  state management and the compliance with law on sea and island environment by production and service businesses in coastal areas. Through these activities, the employees of the General Department of Vietnam Sea and Islands as well as the cadres and officers of the Vietnam Coast Guard Command have improved their professional skills and responsibility to serve the people.

At the meeting , both sides agreed on major tasks to be implemented in 2017, including  further coordination in the agreed areas, in the  waters and continental shelf of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; further  reform of information exchange formats; strengthening the exchange of information on related policies and laws; boosting joint patrol and check of marine environment management, timely detection of wrongdoings and violations; enhancing education of laws on marine resources for fishermen. Both sides also reached high consensus on their coordination to achieve the best results in law enforcement laws and  provide inputs to related legal documents./.

Source: monre.gov.vn

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