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East Sea workshop in France: ASEAN could play a connecting role

Paul-Valerie Montpellier 3 University and its partners recently held an  international workshop on the East Sea, which suggested that ASEAN could play a role to connect the US, China, and related countries to elicit solutions to the current East Sea tensions, VNA reports

      The workshop was part of the International Francophone Week themed “Towards Asia.”  Speakers and participants analyzed the East Sea situation, territorial disputes, and potential instabilities in the region. 

      Many said the East Sea is of geopolitical importance with key marine routes of the world running through and is rich in  aqua-products and natural resources, particularly oil and gas.

      Sophie Boisseau de Rocher from the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) said the East Sea is a region prone to sensitivity and complexity which may trigger conflicts or clashes due to its enormous resources and major disputes. But she said ASEAN’s unity may challenge China if the bloc is able to maintain its existing relations with the US.  On the upcoming scenario for the region, she believes that the status quo could be maintained but a mechanism would be necessary to manage the shared interests.


The scene of the meeting

      Benoit de Treglode from the Institute for Strategic Research under the French Defense Academy (IRSEM) underscored the division of areas of influence by countries in the region. He proposed that  concerned  parties should seek marine cooperation and search for  trusting relations. He cited Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc as saying  a new  policy for cooperation might be necessary. But Mr. Treglode described China’s cooperation is also required .

      The majority of speakers agreed that ASEAN  could be stronger if it stays united and shares common interests to negotiate the East Sea  with China and that ASEAN could help connect the US and Europe in the relationship with the region and  China./.

Source: TTXVN

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