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Map drawn by Homann Heirs in 1744

In the map drawn by Homann Heirs in 1744, Hoang Sa archipelago drawings was annotated as "I. Ciampa " standing for "Islands Ciampa”, i.e. "Ciampa archipelago (belonged to the Kingdom)". Ciempa or Ciampa was the name western countries called Dang Trong region at that time as they believed this was an old land of the Champa kingdom

The Complete Map of the Unified Dai Nam
The Complete Map of the Unified Dai Nam indicated that "Hoang Sa" and "Van Ly Truong Sa" are Vietnamese territories. These islands were depicted to be further offshore compared to those near the Central coast.
The Convention aims to promote co-operation among search and rescue organizations around the world and among those participating in search and rescue operations...
The Convention aims to improve maritime communications
With a coastline of 2,025 miles long, it is not surprising that Viet Nam owns many magnificent beaches with white sand and blue sea.
On January 05th 2016, the Ministry of Finance issued Circular 01/2016/TT-BTC on shipping fees and charges and a table of shipping charges and fees, applicable...
Song: Dao xa vang loi ca tieng may