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New Year greetings to Laos’ Bolikhamxai, Khammouane provinces

On April 8th and April 9th, the Border Guards of Ha Tinh province visited authorities, people, and the armed forces of Bolikhamxai and Khammouane provinces of Laos to celebrate the Lao traditional New Year Bunpimay.


Ha Tinh Provincial Border Guard  Command presented New Year gifts to authorities and people of Bolikhamsai province.

Representatives of local  authorities,  police and military forces  of Bolikhamxai and Khammouane provinces thanked  Ha Tinh Provincial Border Guard for the warm sentiment and support for the armed forces and people of the two provinces over the past years. They have helped the locals in combating crimes, raising incomes, health care, protecting and building a border of peace, friendship, cooperation, and development.


Ha Tinh Provincial Border Guard presents New Year gifts to armed forces in Khammouane province, Laos

Ha Tinh Provincial Border Guard Command pledged  to continue to work with the local  authorities and border guards of Laos to manage and protect the border, provide training in defending border and combating crimes for police and military forces of Bolikhamxai and Khammouane provinces.

 Ha Tinh Border Guards will also strengthen coordination in information sharing with relevant Lao agencies to promptly address problems in border areas and at the same time support border people to develop economy and improve their lives.

Source: bienphong.com.vn

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